Sourced from our network of partner farmers and food producers

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Butcher's Choice Box

$149.00/ea (Mix of fresh cuts of locally-sourced 100% grassfed beef and pasture-raised pork (approx. 10lbs.))

Grinder Box

$76.00/ea (Mix of 100% grassfed ground beef, pasture-raised ground pork, and pork sausage (approx. 8lbs.))

Fancy Steak Box

$219.00/ea (Mix 100% grassfed beef loin steaks (approx. 7lbs.))

Thank You To Our Customers

Primal Supply Meats is preparing to close after 7 years of connecting local farmers to consumers, serving the Philadelphia region with sustainably-raised meats. We are incredibly proud of the work we have done to support local farmers and promote responsible and ethical farming practices. We could not have done this work without you, and are grateful for the impact we have been able to make together. It has been an honor to serve you.

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