Nose to Tail: Pork - Frozen Bundle

Nose to Tail: Pork - Frozen Bundle

20+ lbs. mix of of frozen cuts from the whole animal
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This package is designed as a mix of frozen cuts from around the whole animal including steaks and quick cuts, braising cuts and roasts, ground pork, bacon, and sausage! The total weight of the package is approximately 22 lbs. and will easily fit in a standard home freezer.

Package includes:

  • 6x quick chops and cuts (ex. pork chops, coppa steak, stir fry meat), 1lb average
  • 4x roasts and braising cuts (ex. loin roast, shoulder, spare ribs), 2-3lb average
  • 2x ground pork, 1lb pack
  • 2x pork breakfast sausage, 1lb pack
  • 2x smoked bacon, 1lb pack

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